This blog follows our self-build project, turning our garage into a Tiny House. The project has provided a wonderful journey so far and we want to share it with you but, more to the point, if you also have a small outbuilding of your own, we intend to show you how to follow suit…


I met Angela and moved to the beautiful little town of Lostwithiel to join her. Given that this is such a gem of a spot, fantastically located within the heart of Cornwall, our blended family of 4 sons and 3 daughters all wanted to come and stay. But with only 3 (already occupied) bedrooms in the main house, where could we put them?

The single garage at the top of our garden was an ugly beast. Pebble dashed with a mossy corrugated roof, it contained lots of things we didn’t really need; so much so that there was no room for a car, which somewhat defeated its point.

Why not convert into a micro-home to provide extra accommodation AND (during high season) generate income as a holiday let?

We were already big fans of the ‘Tiny House’ movement and relished the opportunity to turn our grim garage into a cosy, stylish micro-home brimming with cunning space saving and multi-use ideas. Armed with tape measures, felt tip pens and loads of magazines we mapped out and designed our first Cornish Tiny House.

Of course you’ll need a good team. We are particularly fortunate because Angela is a planning consultant and runs her own firm ‘Situ8’ in nearby St Austell. I, being an ex teacher, at least have plenty of time on my hands. As we go along we will need the help of local businesses I am sure, but we are hopeful that we can achieve many things by ourselves.

Not every household is blessed with professionally skilled people, the point of this blog is to help you through the process, show you how you can push through the bumps in the road which you will no doubt come across and how to do all this, spending the least amount of money possible.

Enjoy the journey. AC x