Back on track and back in budget!

So where were we? Ah yes – a Big hole in the garden with three step down levels. Two floors nearest the main house (the upper a fancy mezzanine) and single story nearest the road.

At this point thankfully we listened to advice. Ross Morcom, a pal of Angela’s and experienced ground-worker, asked us to think again.

He asked, ‘what are trying to achieve?’ Simple enough question but as we answered him it became clear we’d got carried away. The interior design was clever and interesting but it came at a cost.
A cost that, when we accounted for all the retaining walls and tanking required already began to push our budget towards its limit. Yes making a classy clever house may impress but it’s still a ‘tiny’ house and paying customers will still expect our weekly rate to reflect this -extra floor or not.

So, reluctantly we reconsidered. A single story is a much cheaper build and can still adopt many clever space saving features.

This way we can come in under budget and essentially get what we wanted – a one bedroom tiny house.

The painful bit would be the back filling of the two deeper steps, but with our sensible heads on we bit the bullet and Ross sent in his capable stone masons to build three walls inside the hole to make sure our footings were secure.

One small step – literally 20cm – was required to allow us to maximise our headroom nearest the main house and still keep at our agreed ridge height.

Meanwhile, we had to negotiate a change of builder at this stage. Enter George Edyvean and his brother John who came highly recommended via Ross. They looked at our changed plans and agreed to work from the scruffy pieces of scale drawn graph paper that I offered!

Project back on track and back in budget!

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